The home does not exist

On the 18th of October the 24th international design biennial opened its doors for the public. This non profit event organized in the Belgian city of Kortrijk is divided in 6 halls on a total of 31200m². This years theme was: “The home does not exist”…

The power of object(s)

The power of objects is a temporary expo on the Place Royale in Brussels that was part of “Design September” (a month long festival about design in the city of Brussels). The expo shows works of 25 Belgian designers and their work is divided in…

Museum of instruments

This museum is in an art nouveau style building built in 1899 by Paul Saintenoy. Art nouveau only existed during a short period compared with other architectural styles. It was a style that was very popular during the industrial revolution (19th-20th century). Metal and glass…

Some more pictures

Here are some more random pictures I have taken over the past weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

Playing with fire

Yesterday I posted some pictures of a wedding I went to and this is a followup. These pictures were taken a bit later that day. a group of fire jugglers where invited to perform and these pictures are the result of a slow shutter speed.