Museum of instruments

This museum is in an art nouveau style building built in 1899 by Paul Saintenoy. Art nouveau only existed during a short period compared with other architectural styles. It was a style that was very popular during the industrial revolution (19th-20th century). Metal and glass…

Some more pictures

Here are some more random pictures I have taken over the past weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

Playing with fire

Yesterday I posted some pictures of a wedding I went to and this is a followup. These pictures were taken a bit later that day. a group of fire jugglers where invited to perform and these pictures are the result of a slow shutter speed.  

Brick-yard Pictures

On the 6th of September I went to a wedding held on an old brick-yard. This abandoned factory was a rather interesting place where I took a few fun pictures. Hope you enjoy them.    

Tomorrowland 2014

This summer I had the pleasure to witness the 10th anniversary of the legendary dance festival Tomorrowland. I had a chance to take a look behind the scenes and I also took some pictures of the crowd and the different Dj’s and Mc’s: