my drawings

These are some of my drawings and works. These are sketches and a collage that I used to design a postcard. 


a few weeks ago I made a LP cover with as theme Mountain. This are the results. The mentioned artist and songs are real but this isn’t an official lp as it is just an exercise.  I made a few different versions but I wasn’t satisfied…

An.Ders photography

Over the years I’ve been able to collect an artistic circle of friends. One of them is Anders. He is a photographer who has his own website where you can admire some of his work. A lot of arcitectural photografy mixed whit some personal snapshots. These…

My own art pt.13

I’m working on a second stone hope you like the process

Red Star Line

In the northern part of Antwerp on “het Eiland”, you can find a big warehouse with on it’s facade big white letters that read “Red Star Line”. You might not know by looking at this beautifully renovated building, but between 1880 and 1930 over 2…